🧱 4. Taking Over Web3

Where we're going: Creating the backbone of wellness & education in web3.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

🎨 Beautiful, stunning, Disney-level art to build an unmatched brand/IP.

• 8 elemental factions, inviting you to find the one that speaks to your heart. • Incredible lore and backstory crafted by a professional writer. • Thousands of hand-drawn traits from 5 separate artists. • Hand-curated to give you a collection unlike any other.

🏅 Learn2Earn rewards for our holders. In short: Take care of yourself and earn cool shit.

We are creating prize pools specifically for our Phoenixes holders, earned through engaging with our web3 wellness challenges & mobile app.

We’re building this system extremely thoughtfully by:

  • Minimizing botting: We are deploying a combination of AI, token-gating, indirect rewards, and additional roadblocks that will greatly reduce botting.

  • Taking care of passive holders: Even if you do not participate in our mobile app, you will still be rewarded with something

  • Incentivized holding & staking: Users who hold their Phoenix NFTs for longer, especially from mint, receive bonus rewards.

  • Incentives for holding multiple Phoenixes: There will be special incentives to hold multiple Phoenixes.

  • Gamified experience: This won’t be boring.

  • [👀 Redacted]

🤝 Instead of competing, we’re partnering.

Before even launching, we have secured 25 strategic partnerships with other NFT communities (and have a long waitlist for more). And no, these are not typical giveaway collabs.

In our partners’ Discords, we run daily engagement wellness challenges for their holders as a paid service.

Why these partnerships are incredibly powerful:

Builds buying pressure for our Phoenixes NFTs.

  • Partners have to buy and hold 10 Phoenixes NFTs, in addition to paying us a monthly fee. This means the more partnerships we get, the more demand there will be for our Phoenix NFTs.

  • Partners’ community members earn prizes for participating through two pools. 1. through their own project, and 2. through The Phoenixes Learn2Earn. But in order to receive the latter, they need to own a Phoenixes NFT.

Constant attention flow towards The Phoenixes.

  • We get our own Phoenixes branded Discord channels in our partners’ communities, having a powerful presence across web3.

  • We interact with the most engaged users of web3 daily.

Creates a revenue stream that’s not dependent on secondary royalties.

  • We are being paid monthly to run this as a service, meaning we’re profitable from the get-go.

  • Projects are willing to pay because it is cheaper and a better experience for us to run this service rather than them hiring, training, and managing their own community engagement team.

💪 We’re building the central community around a 4 trillion dollar industry: wellness.

👋 We’re early, which allows us to capture attention way easier and faster than when the rest of the world catches up.

💸 We have a funnel to bring all of our new web2 customers to web3.

Other things we have up our sleeves…

⚖️ [Redacted 1]

🤺 [Redacted 2]

🧠 [Redacted 3]

📺 [Redcated 4]

We are beyond fired up to make this project an unbelievable success. If you've read this far and are interested in what you've seen, chances are you'd fit in really well with the Phoenix family. Our mint details:

Mint Details:

Price: 0.049ETH Supply: 8888 Presale: Tuesday, August 30th, 4pm PST Public: Tuesday, August 30th, 8pm PST

Official Links: https://twitter.com/thephoenixesnft https://discord.gg/Vx49hpHs8H https://phoenixes.habitnest.com/

We will *not* let you down if you bet on us and will do everything we can to make this project a huge success.

Did you enjoy this read and want to take a deeper look into our lore and the 8 elemental Phoenix factions? Check out our deep-dive here: https://factions.habitnest.com

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