🧠 1. Reinventing Learning

How we’re reinventing the learning process.

Where it all began: Hardcover journals.

We break down the best content in the world into simple, actionable steps to make them a part of your life’s daily habits. Our 15+ current products help people incorporate general wellness & fitness into their lives.

People love this style of learning. It works. We’ve sold over 500,000+ journals to date, and are currently selling thousands more every week.

🚀 How We're Expanding

As an agile team, we can make anything, make it quickly, and make it well.

We showcased this when we worked with GaryVee. We took all of his content, created a 250-page Habit Nest journal for him, and his reaction was so powerful that we worked with him and his team directly to create the base of his newest book, 12 & a Half (see page 195).

We want to scale this — to do exactly what we did for Gary, but for other iconic content creators in the world. We want to become the practical, action-oriented version of Masterclass.

📈 Future Growth

We can do this for every great content creator in the world. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

We are reinventing the learning process, one small step at a time.

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