🔥 The Phoenixes Manifesto

Our blueprint for building a wildly successful web2 and web3 business.

We’re here to change the game.

We are: 1️⃣ Reinventing the learning process. 2️⃣ Connecting with the best thinkers of the world. 3️⃣ Building a rapidly scaling tech company. 4️⃣ Creating the backbone of wellness & education in web3.

Let's break down the 4 primary elements of our web 2.5 business...

But first, why you should bet on us:

We have: 📚 500k+ Habit Nest journals sold 📖 Worked on GaryVee's most recent book (12 and a Half) 💰 Over $10MM in sales (fully bootstrapped, never raised funding) 📢 Over $2MM in ad spend 🎙️ 1m+ podcast downloads (including Mark Cuban, Matthew McConaughey, Tony Robbins, etc.) 📲 Published mobile app on iOS & Android 🤘 Team of 12 absolute rockstars (full-time, fully doxxed) 📧 100k+ newsletter subscribers

We did this all with nothing. 3 guys, $4k each of life savings put in. No funding raised. We’re scrappy, inventive, creative, and we will make something incredible in web3, just as we’ve done in web2 above.

We are the Phoenixes.

Oh, and did we mention we went all-out on our art? More on this later…

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