🤝 2. Incredible Connections

The basis of our network: Our podcast

We built our Habits & Hustle podcast to over 150+ episodes and millions of downloads. In doing so, we’ve built one of the craziest networks around us and our brand.

Some of our guests:

  • Mark Cuban (ep 180)

  • Matthew McConaughey (ep 98)

  • Tony Robbins (ep 99)

  • Tom & Lisa Bilyeu (Creators of Impact Theory & Quest Nutrition) (ep 5)

  • Payal Kadakia (founder of ClassPass) (ep 159)

  • Tony Horton (ep 139)

  • Saeju Jeong (CEO & Founder of Noom) (ep 138)

  • Chelsea Handler (ep 135)

  • Mel Robbins (ep 134)

  • James Altucher (ep 133)

  • Gary Vee (ep 50)

We have all our relationships at our fingertips and can reach near-anybody in the world we’d like.

We also have a source of constant, ongoing media attention funneling back to our brand and diversifying our revenue streams.

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